Our Mission

veteranOur mission is to offer long term, residential, transitional housing center for alcohol and chemically addicted veteran men that are 18 years or older.

The Journey Home recognizes that addiction is a long process that requires a strong support environment, which is exactly what will be provided. This facility will be comprised of highly motivated, experienced staff many of whom are themselves in recovery. The bondage of addiction, whether chemical dependence, gambling or other dependence, can and will be broken by the power of Jesus Christ.


What you can do to help

Our appeal is simple, we need your help. We need to raise funding for this project to help rebuild the lives of those who society views as hopeless into sober, productive assets to the community, relieving the welfare roles and putting the unemployable back into society, employed and empowered with a vision of hope for the future.

The Journey Home is centrally located on the southeast side of Winchester. Participants make a six month personal commitment to the recovery program. They attend daily recovery sessions and have access to spiritual counselors and a caring staff who assist
them with the creation of an effective support system. The structured approach is designed to help the participant with developing a solid foundation of sobriety. They are held accountable to the rehabilitation community for behavior as well as for the completion of daily work assignments. Dignity and a healthy self-image are viewed as basic to recovery.

Your contribution is tax deductible! Please consider giving now for this much needed facility.